Saint-Denis International School

A quest for excellence since 1858




The history of Saint Denis reflects a 150-year tradition of excellence in education. It was initially two establishments: the Saint Joseph orphanage, created in 1858, and Saint Martin, a school for young girls.

School for girls

Saint Joseph orphanage

In 1973 the Sisters of the Presentation, a Catholic congregation, elected a lay director for the first time and these two schools combined to create what is now Saint Denis International School. The years that followed witnessed a massive expansion from 100 students and 10 boarders to 800 students and over 400 boarders.

Our establishment has continually evolved to adapt to the changing demands of the world, for example brand new boarding facilities, new academic buildings, a new campus, international staff and more. We are fortunate to benefit from the presence of the Brothers of Saint John who come to our school several days a week.  They teach religion classes, play sports and are always ready to welcome and engage with our students. In 2008, the school proudly celebrated its 150th anniversary. Today, we are leaders in languages, international programmes and science.

Jubilé Saint-Denis Jubilé de Saint-Denis, Loches

150th anniversary

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