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Boarding houses

Our boarding houses are home to more than 400 students during the week from Monday to Friday during the academic year. During the weekends, international students stay with our carefully chosen host families.

A high quality, safe boarding experience

Boarding school in France French boarding school

Saint Denis International School offers 2 fully equipped boarding houses.

The boy’s boarding house is located on the same campus as the middle and high school in the town of Loches. The girl’s boarding house is a 5-minute bus ride from the main school campus and is located in the countryside. Students can board at the school beginning in 6th grade/Year 7.

The boarding houses offer evening study periods, special activities such as sports, birthday parties, artistic activities, etc.

Quick facts:

  • French and overseas students living together
  • Boys and girls in separate buildings
  • 1-4 boys to a room
  • 1-3 girls to a room
  • Modern rooms, with en-suite facilities and wi-fi access
  • Evening access to computers/Skype
  • A safe and studious learning environment (staff on site)

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