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Loches: a privileged lifestyle

Our school is situated in the heart of the Loire Valley, in the charming town of Loches which is recognised as a historic 'Ville d'art et d'histoire'. Built on a rocky outcrop, Loches offers an authentic and charming living environment. The narrow cobbled streets led to remarkable panoramic view across the rooftops, clock towers and spires of the surrounding landscape...

Art and history town

The highly fortified town is protected by 12th century ramparts and the keep, constructed 1 000 years ago by Foulques Nerra is considered one of the most important and well preserved in Europe.

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The town is full of splendid architectural delights such as the Saint Ours Church and the Royal Lodge which dates from the end of the Middle Ages.

Charles VII, Louis XI, Charles VIII and Louis XII all came to stay in Loches during their reigns. Renowned women such as Joan of Arc and Anne of Brittany also visited the town. Francois I, whose architectural influence is visible on the Town Hall was one of the last kings to regularly visit Loches.


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Discover Southern Touraine

Loches is conveniently located as a base from which to explore other Châteaux of the Loire such as Chenonceau, Amboise, Villandry and Montrésor which all found less than one hour from the town. There are also innumerable smaller houses and villages in the region including Chédigny, Montpoupon, and Le Grand Pressigny.


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This area also offers activities for the whole family such as walking circuits, cycle paths, canoe and horse back excursions in addition to a golf course.


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The Beauval Zoo and Futuroscope science park are also found at less than one hour by car from Loches.

Practical information

All usual shops and services are found in Loches : shops, post office, chemists, doctors, and a hospital. Coaches and trains also connect Loches to Tours throughout the day.

Leisure facilities include: cinema, swimming pool, restaurants, tea shops and a multitude of small boutiques.


- Loches is situated 50min from the TGV station (in the city of Tours)
- Paris is situated 1hr from Tours by train
- Bordeaux is situated 1h50 from Tours by train
- Loches is situated at 1hr from Tours airport

More information can be found here:

- https://www.ville-loches.fr/
- https://www.loches-valdeloire.com/
- https://www.touraineloirevalley.com/

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