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International Festival of Arts And Sciences

The international festival of arts and sciences is an annual weeklong festival that takes place during the month of April. Delegations come from all over the world (USA, Russia, Spain, South Africa, etc.) to perform dances, sing songs and play music.

During this week, we also have lecturers come from all over the world to discuss themes such as the first artificial heart, crystals, and more. Some years we also have students present a certain topic, like Autism, to raise awareness of the subject.

The festival is organized entirely by a group of highly motivated students who dedicate their time and energy to make a magical week possible!

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Delegation of South Africa

« I look at the pictures and reflect almost every day. Thank you so much for the
hospitality. You guys made us feel at home, our children talk about their experience
in Loches every day. I remember the first days here at home, they were all
saying they wish they could come back to Loches to stay. Words can describe our
gratitude, thank you, thank you, thank you a million times. »
Joe Cossa - Music Teacher

Delegation of Spain

« The Festival of Arts and Sciences of Saint-Denis was an amazing experience. I've
met a lot of new people and I hope to come back. Congratulations to all the
STAFF. » Marcos - 15 years old

« Fue una muy interesante, divertida y genial experiencia, que ni yo, y estoy segura que tampoco ninguno de los participantes, olvidaremos nunca. Conocí a personas maravillosas de muchas partes del mundo con las que conectamos desde el primer momento, mediante risas, conversaciones y arte, sin importar nuestra procedencia. Además el pueblo entero se porto muy bien con nosotros, haciéndonos sentir como en casa, ayudándonos en ten do lo que necesitábamos, y ofreciéndonos sus cosas, y esto lo agradecemos mucho. Todas las actividades y programación estaban muy bien.
Gracias a este viaje hemos establecido grandes amistades con gente de países tan vecinos come Francia, o tan lejanos como Sudafricana, que duraran siempre. En resumen, ha sido une experiencia única y muy bonita, el mejor de ma vida. » Belén - 15 years old

For more information, please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/europeanfestivalofartsandsciences

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